Max Sandelin
Erik is an extremely passionate and energetic guy who doesn’t stop for anything or anyone. This in combination with his expertise in e-commerce and marketing and his background in information security makes him an invaluable member of your team that will find a solution to any problem you throw at him.
Max Sandelin, Sandelin Webbyrå
Erik is a driving force that exerts confidence and curiosity. He sees possibilities in everything and is quick to act. He gladly gives you genuine business- and personal advice, and he wants you to work as hard towards your goals and passions as he does every day. Things you saw as problematic, quickly transforms to an exciting challenge.
Jennie Olofsson, Bachelor in economics
Tomas Isik
Erik is a big force and is passionate in everything he does. He has a good sense of what is possible to create and has a capability to make others more enthusiastic to their work.
Tomas Isik, TBA Form & Nineveh Press

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